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The company "777" received a patent for a modular installation recovery of hydrocarbon vapors

2016-08-12 14:30:00

The company "777" received a patent for a modular installation recovery of hydrocarbon vapors

Installation provides fast, safe and easy replacement of the adsorbent, repayment of the principal portion of the hydrocarbons contained in the vapors back into the fuel-filler system, a compact modular design, the possibility of a rapid increase in plant capacity, the ability to install at gas stations, full environmental and industrial safety, both during work and during a replacement of the adsorbent, providing an adsorbent of the entire volume, and the exception process and cooling installations, in turn, a more economical process.

Essence of the technical solution consists in the modular structure, consisting of columns, which are mounted in removable cartridges filled with an adsorbent (activated charcoal certain brand).

The modular setup of this type allows you to use this setting on any objects from the filling station to the storage tanks.

The versatility of the present invention is that an increase in productivity is only necessary to add a calculated amount of additional modules, which are universal. Installation of the installation is carried out 2-3 times faster than all the analogues used in the industry.

Advantages of modular installation recovery

- Easy to maintain

- Versatility

- Security

- Environmentally friendly

- Economy

Cartridges used in columns interchangeably. If there is no possibility of regeneration of activated carbon on the object (the gas station), the cartridge is transported to the object (tank farm, fuel storage), on which the installation of recovery. The entire system has a column of activated charcoal saturation sensors that allows replacement of cartridges quickly and safely. Replacing the cartridge at the facility occurs within 0-20 minutes.

Sealed cartridge provides 100% security and the absence of evaporation of hydrocarbons recovered in the process of replacement, as well as transportation.

At oil depot set modular unit in recovery / vapor in a standard configuration (the cartridges are the same for gas station and petroleum storage depot for), or configuration, developed in accordance with the technological features of production.

Calculating the number of cartridges used is calculated on the basis of performance on leave and receiving petroleum products (mainly gasoline).

In the tank farm can be installed desorption cartridges filling stations. The main purpose of this installation is the recovery of used cartridges to the gas station.

Stages of the modular installation of recovery of hydrocarbon vapors in the tank farm, together with the desorption system used cartridge from the gas station:

Stage 1: When handling of oil works on the oil depot formed at / in pairs, which are vapor removal system are sent to the modular installation recovery.

Stage 2: The modular installation recovery from / to the vapor tank farm consists of two parallel lines of columns with cartridges (number of cartridges is calculated based on the performance of product). Colon Lines operate alternately, at the time of contamination of one line is included in the work of the second line. First line at this point is connected to the irrigation column in which by means of a vacuum (vacuum pump) sent earlier this recovered oil line.

Step 3: In the column of irrigation located "plates" (calculation of the number of "plates" and the technological features of columns is calculated based on the performance of product). Getting to the column, the product is watered homogeneous product from the reservoir tank farms and watering, it takes the form of commercial oil, which is fed by a pump back into the tank with fuel without losing the trademark as an oil.

Stage 4: Spent cartridges are removed from the gas station in the usual road. Cartridges when removed from the modular installation recovery from / to the vapor automatically sealed, which ensures complete safety (fire, explosion, environmental, etc.) On request is possible to produce special cartridges for covers on them more convenient transportation.

Stage 5: On the oil depot used cartridges are placed in a desorption unit where there is a "clean" from the cartridges from / in the product, after which the cartridges are ready for re-use at the gas station. V / in products derived from cartridges Reflux directed to, and then into the tank with homogeneous product.

For each product, it is recommended to install a recovery line at / in the vapor. To merge the lines into several grades of petroleum products, it is necessary to analyze commercial products and calculation of performance indicators and deviations.

We offer for sale as the right to manufacture modular units recovery of hydrocarbon vapors and the patent itself.

The package of documents includes:


Constructing drawings

-Electrical circuits

A formula for calculating installation efficiency

-technological Card manufacturing installation

-Manual Operating with the recommended specification of components that make up the installation

Recommendations of regeneration of the adsorbent and the adsorbent brands

-Patentnye Law (the acquisition of the patent)

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